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How to mentally prepare before skydiving


Jumping out of a moving plane can be frightening. Especially for the first time sky divers it can give them a panic attack just thinking about it. Here are some tips to help you mentally prepare for the sky diving.

Look up skydiving safety statistics

If you look up the skydiving statistics, then you will feel confident about doing it. This is because the statistics for accidents is very low. On average, about 60 people die each year in skydiving accidents. So, the skydiving is statistically safe and this should put your mind at ease.

Call up a few local skydiving operators and ask about their safety records

Your confidence level will become higher if you hear about the safety records of local skydiving operators. Specifically, know the statistics of the actual place you are going to jump. The skydiving regulations are very strict. A single accident can cancel the license of the skydiving company. So, these companies take the highest level of safety measures.

Talk to people who have already gone skydiving

Once you start to ask people about skydiving, you will be surprised to know that many of your friends have already tried it. If you post on social media that you are going for skydiving, you will receive many good recommendations and tips from friends who have already done it.

Don’t read too many reports on skydiving accidents

If you read too much about skydiving accidents, it will freak you out. You will lose the confidence of doing it.

Get a friend to do it with you

If you do it with one of your friend, then you won’t be that scared. You two can support each other during the whole time.

Understand that your first jump is with a trusted professional

You won’t jump alone. There will be a professional with you who will guide you through the air. So, don’t worry!

Skydiving can be nerve wrecking. But once you gain the courage to do it, you will find that this was your best experience in life!

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4 most dangerous sports in the world


Sports are the best type of exercise for the body and the mind. They are a very good source of entertainment. There are many different kinds of sports in the world. Besides the common sports, there are also some dangerous sports that people enjoy. Here are some of them.

1. BASE Jumping


This is basically parachuting. BASE is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth, meaning cliff. These are fixed structures from which individuals jump. It is very exciting, at the same time lethal as well. You jump from hundreds of feet above, so there is danger of being thrashed by the wind. This sport is illegal in many countries, including USA.

2. Heli-Skiiing


It is downhill snowboarding or skiing, accessed by a helicoptor. You need to reach your destination with helicopter and then leap onto snow on peaks that are far away from city and people. There is possibility of being stranded by weather change or even being killed by avalanche. The helicopter ride is dangerous too, as you need to reach very high.

3. Scuba Diving


Though it is a very common sport now, scuba diving is dangerous. The diver carries a container for breathing. If the ascent from the dive is too fast, it can cause decompression illnesses. This may lead to spinal cord, brain and lung failure. There is also the fear of being attacked by sharks and other underwater creatures.

4. Cave diving


This involves underwater diving in caves which has at least partial water content. You need to have other equipment with you besides the scuba diving equipment. The major danger of this sport is lack of lighting or low visibility. Air loss is another thing to be concerned about. You might also smash your head on the structures beneath.

The common feature of all these sports are that they are life threatening. That’s why they are called extreme forms of sports.

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3 crazy holidays for the upcoming summer


Many people consider a holiday near a tropical beach to be the perfect vacation. But this kind of quiet holiday is not the choice of thrill-seekers. These people always look for something exciting and over the world. Here are some crazy holidays you can think for the upcoming summer.

1. BASE jump at Zakynthos


The location is simply beautiful. You will feel like you have come to a fairy land. This Greek Island of Zakynthos is very popular among tourists for its beautiful weather and picturesque beaches. The Navagio Beach is famous for alleged smuggling ship that wrecked on the island in 1983. This site attracts thrill-seekers from arount he world who are ready to BASE jump onto the beautiful beach.

2. Visit Antarctica


This place is surrounded by the stormiest area. It is the coldest, windiest and driest continent. So, it is a great challenge just to be there physically. The location is very remote and it is a great place for the ultimate adventure.

3. Hot air balloon through the African Serengeti


The African Serengeti is popular for being a dangerous travel destination because of its wild life. Imagine how thrilling it would be to fly over it on a hot air balloon! If you are brave enough to face the uncertainty, then you will love the experience!

People might think that you are crazy if you plan to go to one of these places. But many adventure-seekers from all around the world visit these places and try these exotic experiences. If they can make it, then so can you. So, if you are looking for some great thrill in your life, go out for these adventures.

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